Buddha – Mauro Perucchetti


Buddha by Mauro Perucchetti*

Mauro Perucchetti was born in Italy, he started painting from a very early age. Inspired by current events and the world around us, Perucchetti is both a master craftsman and social commentator. He has pioneered the use of pigmented resin, his signature medium that is unexploited in the art world and notoriously difficult to work with on a large scale. Incorporating familiar icons of today’s culture and the 21st century, he has produced innovative and beautifully executed work with a message. Perucchetti’s ability to fuse minimalism and pop, with elegance and ironic wit, has contributed to his international acclaim with a range of solo and group shows across the world.

He has showcased his work twice at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, UK and has had many public installations worldwide including four monumental sculptures at a 2012 public installation during FIAC, Louvre in Paris.

For more information about the artist, visit: http://www.mauroperucchetti.com

*Print of a digital photograph of the sculpture

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