"The heart is a guide for the heart as soon as it meets itself" print - Hassan Massoudy


The heart is a guide by Hassan Massoudy               

Hassan Massoudy was born in 1944 in Iraq. As a youngster growing up in Najef, in the south of Iraq, a town in which all images were prohibited, he fulfilled his passion for art by making drawings and calligraphies.

Lion’s Roar found the work of Hassam Massoudy when his book was sent to the office for review. His exquisite and artistically detailed calligraphies use striking, finely sharpened steel pens, in a beautiful representation of Islamic art. Liza Matthews, art director at Lion’s Roar, loves Massoudy’s combination of spontaneous, loose strokes, mixed with extremely fine, detailed calligraphy across the bottom.

Massoudy’s dream of studying art in his native country was abandoned following Iraq’s political unrest and transition to dictatorship. But after apprenticing with calligraphers in Baghdad, he emigrated to France in 1969 where he attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He has lived in France ever since.

Learn more about Hassan Massoudy at: http://perso.orange.fr/hassan.massoudy

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