Michael Stone's A Buddhist Course in Mindfulness – Online Learning


Bring true mindfulness into your life.

A user-friendly, in-depth online course in mindfulness meditation from one of its finest teachers, Michael Stone.

Engaging in mindfulness helps us cultivate the courage to meet what arises in our lives as it arises, and to not hold on to it. It’s simpler than you think — especially when you have access to a great teacher, possessed of warmth and steeped in Buddhist mindfulness training and practice.

  • Over 3 hours of teachings offered in 29 easy-to-follow videos
  • 35+ minutes of guided meditations
  • Practical advice on finding your meditative posture (including in a chair), how to transform reactivity, what to do with your hands and eyes during meditation, and more
  • Supportive Lion’s Roar magazine readings on sitting with pain, understanding the Buddhist view on karma and why we suffer, key Buddhist meditative techniques, and “How to Establish a Daily Practice of Almost Anything, in Six Steps”
  • All Lion's Roar Online Learning courses include closed captions

Michael Stone was a beloved teacher of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. His passing in 2017 was a shock to all. We at Lion’s Roar were always honored to work with Michael, publishing his writing in Lion’s Roar magazine and developing A Buddhist Course in Mindfulness with him.

Shôken Michael Stone was a Buddhist teacher, yogi, psychotherapist, and author who presented traditional meditative tools in plain language to facilitate their greater impact in the worlds of psychology, technology, economics, and ecology. His meditation teachings integrated traditional Vipassana and Zen forms with insights from Yoga and Mahayana Buddhism, while honoring the integrity of each tradition.

This course is relaunched in partnership with Michael Stone Teachings.

All prices in US dollars. US taxes included.

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