"Shakyamuni Buddha with Peacock and Stag" – Faith Stone


Shakyamuni Buddha is the historical Buddha. He is shown with his right hand extending downward in the “calling the earth to witness” mudra. At the time of his enlightenment, he is said to have touched his hand to the ground and called the earth to witness.

Shakyamuni wears Nirmanakaya robes; they are without adornment, the style of robe still worn by Tibetan Buddhist monks today. He holds a begging bowl taking whatever is offered having learned the middle way between indulgence and renunciation. His philosophy is the path of loving-kindness.

This is an original woodblock, not a giclee print, hand-rubbed onto mulberry paper using a bamboo baren. I then, hand-painted this woodblock.
I painstakingly carved a Mokuhanga woodblock and then hand-rub the print onto mulberry paper. Mokuhanga is a traditional Japanese woodblock carving and printing technique. It is labor-intensive with hand-carving and hand-rubbing the prints using watercolor inks.

Faith is one of the few people in the world still making Buddha woodblocks. The sole surviving monastery in Tibet, Derge, has primarily turned to sutras, though they do have some antique thangka woodblocks. Thangka woodblocks are one of the main disciplines of thangka art: painted, appliqué, nag than (black background), ser than (red background), and woodblocks. The woodblocks have become a dying art but her mission is to revitalize the tradition. It still exists in Nepal but almost exclusively as prayer flags.  


Dimensions: 12" w x 16" h

Double-matted and ready for framing.

Each woodblock is handprinted and painted by hand making each one similar but unique.

Signed and titled by the artist.


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