The Three Turnings Of The Wheel. The Complete Series – Naropa University & Lion's Roar


A Contemplative Study Series on the History, Philosophy and Practices of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism

Join Naropa University's Wisdom Traditions faculty in a transformational learning experience as they illuminate the Buddha's foundational teachings and help awaken the spirit of personal inquiry.

By combining contemplative practice and academic study you'll gain deep insight into the nature of mind and emotions, the bodhisattva path of wisdom and compassion, and buddhanature.

First Turning of the Wheel: The Nature of Mind and Emotions with Amelia Hall
Second Turning of the Wheel: The Bodhisattva Path with D. Phillip Stanley
Third Turning of the Wheel: Mind Only and Buddha Nature with Amelia Hall
Flight of the Swans: Dharma Comes West with Judith Simmer-Brown

  • Four, six-week courses which will unfold in sequence
  • 2 Live discussions with the teacher for each course
  • Moderated discussion boards where you can explore with other students
  • Weekly contemplations or meditations to help enrich your experience
  • Full transcripts of each session

This contemplative series is produced by Naropa University in partnership with Lion's Roar.

Naropa University’s Wisdom Traditions Faculty
AMELIA HALL Assistant Professor in Religious Studies
D. PHILLIP STANLEY Professor in Religious Studies
JUDITH SIMMER-BROWN Distinguished Professor of Contemplative Religious Studies

Naropa University
 is a private, nonprofit, liberal arts university offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs that integrate Eastern wisdom studies and the arts with traditional Western scholarship.

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