November 2021 - Lion's Roar


Death: The Greatest Meditation

Most of us deny the reality of death, but if we could truly face our mortality, we’d discover how to live more fully. In this issue, Lion’s Roar offers guidance for tackling death head on, with:

  • True stories from prominent Buddhists whose brushes with death have given them rich insights
  • A teaching on the damaging myth of “the good death” and how we could more beneficially—and realistically—reframe the process of letting go
  • An exploration of funerary traditions from various Buddhists schools and the profound truths they point to
  • Five transformative meditations for remembering that our lives our finite—and precious

Form & Emptiness:
The Wisdom of Ruth Ozeki

Bestselling novelist and Buddhist priest Ruth Ozeki talks with Lion’s Roar about Zen and the writing life. Plus, we feature an exclusive excerpt from her new book.

Work Is an Enlightenment Engine:
A Profile of Tami Simon

Tami Simon founded Sounds True, a multimedia publishing company whose mission is nothing less than to wake up the world. Now, she’s an inspiration to others, shedding light on how to make the world of work more meaningful, humane, and also profitable.

Explore Buddhism: Dogen

As the founder of Japan’s Soto Zen school, Dogen is one of the great luminaries of Buddhism. This will be your guide to his essential teachings, including the importance of zazen; the oneness of practice and enlightenment; and the philosophy that time itself is being and all being is time.


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