Occupy This Body: A Buddhist Memoir – Sharon Suh


“Where does my physical body begin and end?” asks Sharon Suh. “What about my cultural body?”
In Occupy This Body: A Buddhist Memoir (Sumeru 2019), Suh, a professor of theology and religious studies at Seattle University and a popular speaker on feminism and Buddhism, opens up about her struggles with body image, race, and gender growing up as a Korean American in Long Island in the seventies and feeling out of place—both at home and elsewhere. Her story is far-reaching, but a central thread is how Buddhist practice helped Suh overcome her body-image issues and disordered eating. Through the practice of Buddhist silent meditation, she was able to embrace, appreciate, and feel at home in her body. Meditation, Suh tells us, can be “a radical act of freedom and self-love” through which we “learn to occupy other spaces beyond the racialized, gendered ones.”

Review by Daigengna Duoer 

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