"Rainbow Buddha" – Mary DeVincentis


"Rainbow Buddha" by Mary DeVincentis accompanied the article "Investigating the Rainbow Body" in the March 2018 issue of Lion's Roar magazine.

A radiant Rainbow Buddha emerges in a halo of clouds and flowers against an aged wood background. The story of the rainbow body—when a meditator’s form becomes pure rainbow light—has long enthralled Tibetan icon painters, and Mary DeVincentis captures the vibrancy of this ancient image in a decidedly modern mixed media style, calling up an abstract representation of the Buddha that hints at a human form, with nods to traditional Tibetan iconography.
Rainbow Buddha comes from DeVincentis’s series ‘Miksang’, a Tibetan word meaning ‘good eye’. This refers to pure perception—seeing and experiencing without the filter of the conceptualizing mind. Through the contemplation of the smallest detail and the most fleeting of images, this kind of seeing evokes joy and an awareness of our interconnectedness to the entire fabric of life.
Mary DeVincentis employs a deeply personal iconography to investigate the dilemmas and mysteries of existence. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art and a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Printmaking from Central St. Martins in London, UK.

Learn more about this artist at http://www.marydevincentis.com


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