Three Volume Set: Lion's Roar Guides

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These ‘How To’ guides are a great addition to your library.  Our Special Editions contain easy-to-follow practice instructions so that anyone can apply the Buddhist view and teachings to every aspect of their lives—from starting and maintaining a meditation practice to living a life that’s more in harmony with Buddhist values such as mindfulness, kindness, equanimity, compassion, and joy.

Everyday Mindfulness
Everyday Mindfulness takes the grounding power of Buddhist meditations and teachings and boils them down so that anyone can learn how to make their every day—and moment—more enlightened and enjoyable.

How to Live with More Love
“Loving-kindness.” “Friendliness.” “Good will.” However you translate the Buddhist term metta, there’s no denying that we could all use more of it. How to Live with More Love: Buddhist Wisdom for Awakening Loving-Kindness will show you how to cultivate a life filled with more kindness and compassion. 

How to Meditate
Cheery, colorful, and in plain language, How to Meditate presents the basics of mindfulness and other forms of Buddhist meditation.


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