Susan Piver – The Four Noble Truths of Love: Buddhist Wisdom for Modern Relationships


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"The wisdom Susan Piver offers in The Four Noble Truths of Love (Lionheart Press) is applicable to all stages of romantic relationships: “I remember after one night of ecstatic lovemaking,” Piver writes, “I came downstairs to find my boyfriend in the kitchen, removing all the dishes I had placed in the dishwasher in order to replace them in the ‘correct’ manner.” By weaving personal anecdotes such as this with Buddhist teachings, Piver gives us a way to laugh at the wild soup of emotion that is romantic love while also giving us a map for navigating the ups and downs of intimacy. Her views allow us to zoom back, get some perspective, and find ways to be kinder to both ourselves and our romantic partners—with the reassurance that, yes, we’re all probably making the same missteps, so let’s breathe and know we’re together in this very human longing for love."

Associate Editor of Lion’s Roar magazine

To apply a Buddhist viewpoint to relationships is eye-opening. It points to a radically different worldview, one that runs counter to the spirit of much of the conventional advice we receive.

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