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Buddhist art, magazines & books

About US

What makes us different?

Lion’s Roar’s store collections reflect the multidimensional aspects and the diversity of the dharma as reflected in our publications.

Your online purchase helps us fulfill our mission of making timeless Buddhist wisdom accessible to all, and provides a platform for artists and craftspersons dedicated to the dharma.

How we choose our product lines?

Our collections are built around the belief that dharma art and Buddhism-inspired products have intrinsic power to touch us and that this richness and beauty can be transformative and liberating. Our products are measured against 4 criteria.

Products in our store are considered based on a variety of qualities:

  • that they are respectful and inclusive of Buddhist traditions and lineages;
  • that they reflect a contemplative practice;
  • that they are of benefit –  inspirational, transformative, and enriching;
  • that they display wakefulness in their craftsmanship

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Giclee Fine Art Reproduction

Translated from French, the word giclee actually means "a little spray" or "squirt." In the printing industry, however, giclee has become synonymous with a high fidelity printing process. A giclee print begins with a digital file, captured by the best scanning technology available. Once a file has been created, the art is then proofed using the same printer, ink and paper as the final print, ensuring that the proof is a genuine example of the final print and showing any final adjustments that may be required before the printing process begins. The giclee printer itself is a large-format inkjet printer chosen for its exceptional fine dot and consistency, and the factory inks are replaced with inks specifically designed for fine art applications.

The resulting fine art prints boast a long life span when compared to other printing methods (up to 200  years in some tests). Making a giclee print is a carefully calibrated process that requires the utmost attention to detail. Like the images it captures, giclee print is an art form in itself.

All prints have a 0.5 to 2.5 inch white border. Image and copyright information also listed on the bottom of the image as required by partners.

Shipping and Handling

All prices shown in the gallery are in US dollars and do not include shipping. Recipients of international shipments are responsible for all customs brokerage charges, duties, and taxes. Additional shipping charges also apply.