"Colossal Sandstone Buddha"


Colossal Sandstone Buddha photographed by Michel Urtado.

The overall image of the Head of a Colossal Buddha perfectly conveys fearless peacefulness.The well-defined lips create the image of “smile at fear”- this is something to keep in mind during your practice.

This ¾ view photograph is likely from 14th-century Cambodia, Bayon style, in Sandstone, and 20 inches high.

The piece is offered here in print form thanks to Michel Urtado, a French photographer, who specializes in capturing rare museum pieces. The piece is currently housed in the Musee Guimet: Musee national des arts asiatiques Guimet. The museum is devoted to displaying extensive collections from the religions of Ancient Egypt, Classical Antiquity, and increasingly focuses on Asian civilizations.

Learn more about Musee Guimet at: http://www.guimet.fr/

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