How to Meditate & How to Live with More Love – Lion’s Roar Special Editions


Dig deeper into Buddhist wisdom with Lion’s Roar Special Editions – a collection of beautiful keepsake editions to treasure. ‘How to Meditate’ and ‘How to Live With More Love’ offer a collection of Buddhist insight, inspiration, and easy-to-follow practice instructions so that anyone can apply Buddhist teachings – from developing a meditation practice to living a life that’s more in harmony with Buddhist values such as mindfulness, kindness, equanimity, compassion, and joy.

In ‘How to Meditate’ leading meditation instructors offer expert advice and inspiring stories to help you get started with a range of practices including Zen meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and much more. ‘How to Live With More Love’ looks at this most fundamental Buddhist principle and shows you how to cultivate a life filled with more kindness and compassion, including advice for working with the difficult people and emotions that sometimes trip us up.


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