"Japanese Monk by Isetan Department Store" print - Don Farber


Don Farber is a treasure. He's been one of the main documenters of modern Buddhist practice and Buddhism coming to the West. This photo accompanied an article by Uchiyama Roshi on takuhatsu or alms practice. It was a moving account by an aged teacher talking about his youth, when he begged for alms and was humiliated and even beaten. I couldn't find any photographs of people doing takuhatsu from that period. Then, I found this extraordinary series by Don Farber, which turned out to be even better, as so often happens. It shows that monks are still doing this practice today. Monks standing on a very busy street corner with people rushing by and not really noticing them___that's takuhatsu. The humbleness and invisibility is the offering. - Seth Levinson

One of Don Farber's purposes in creating a visual record of Buddhist life over the last 25 years has been to help give people a better understanding of Buddhism and Buddhist culture. To that end he has created a stock photography archive with thousands of images of Buddhist life. In 1977, he began photographing at the Vietnamese Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles, followed by many trips to Asia to photograph Buddhist life. He lived in Japan for more than a year and spent most of 1997 in India and Nepal photographing Tibetan Buddhist life.

Learn more about this wonderful artist's work at: www.buddhistphotos.com

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