No-Self Pure – Alison Eddy



No-self Pure invites us into a space of tranquillity and contemplation, using symmetry—often found in traditional Buddhist artwork to evoke contemplation—to call forth a deeply felt sense of peace and reflection in the viewer. The tenderness of the human form, with its nest-like structure of splayed hair, and the tactile simplicity of the woodgrain merging with skin opens into a space of interconnectedness between the human and natural world, asking us to consider our place in the web of interbeing.

Alison Eddy explores the idea that through dissolving our individual boundaries of ‘self’ we can invoke a stillness, allowing life to move through us to create a sense of connected spaciousness. Alison says through elevating the unexpected she wants to acknowledge that it is not only in ritual or meditative spaces that we fine-tune our practice but also in the everyday.

Alison Eddy’s art practice often celebrates natural form and philosophical thought and is inspired by her inquiry into Buddhism. Her art pushes the boundaries of digital and commercial techniques and reclaims them to allow long-held belief systems to resonate in the modern world. Her studio creaks its way through the seasons in the Royal Forest of Dean, UK.

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