"Refuge from the Matter Chatter" print - Mark Alan Stamaty


Having Mark Alan Stamaty illustrate the article on the debate between new atheists, religious literalists, and religious liberals was one of those delightful occasions when the top person on our wish list came through. To prepare to do the illustration, he had a long conversation about the topic with Barry Boyce, the author of the piece it would accompany. The resulting illustration—which came to us as a collage pasted on a piece of wood—brought together all his skill in political cartooning with an engaging, colorful design sense. — Liza Matthews

Mark Alan Stamaty first made his mark as the creator of the outrageous political strip, Washingtoon, which appeared in both the Washington Post and the Village Voice, and eventually to over 40 newspapers in syndication. In recent years, his work has often been featured in the New Yorker and the covers of many other magazines. Among his many other credits and accomplishments, Mark is the author-illustrator of ten books.

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