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Product Image "Snow at Nanzenji" print

"Snow at Nanzenji" print


We've had a long relationship with John Einarsen and have been very appreciative of his magazine, Kyoto Journal. He likes the Lion's Roar, as well, so when we asked him to do one of our back-page poetry commentaries, not only did he send a poem and an essay about it, but he also sent some photographs of Kyoto to go with them. This one comes from one of his books of photographs of Kyoto, and it shows a snowstorm in the spring at this temple. It’s sensational. What more can you say? –Liza Matthews

Nanzenji is a Zen temple at the foot of Kyoto's eastern hills. As head temple of the Rinzai sect's Nanzenji school of Zen Buddhism, it is one of Japan's most important Zen temples.

John Einarsen is the founding editor and art director of Kyoto Journal, a non-profit volunteer-based magazine established in 1986. Published quarterly, it offers interviews, essays, translations, humor, fiction, poetry, and reviews, accompanied by memorable photo essays, original illustrations, and award-winning designs. The Kyoto Journal is Asia's preeminent digest for arts and social trends. "Snow at Nanzenji" is offered here in print form.

Learn more about John Einarsen’s work at: www.kyotojournal.org


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