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Product Image "Stone Buddha Face" - John Bigelow Taylor

"Stone Buddha Face" - John Bigelow Taylor


John Bigelow Taylor has a huge and impressive library of Buddhist images he has photographed. We chose this one to illustrate the theme “going beyond fear,” because we felt it expressed so well the combination of serenity and fearlessness, strength and gentleness, in the Buddha’s demeanor. –Liza Matthews

The date given for this stone Buddha head is the 6th century, Chi Dynasty, and comes from the Shan Dong Province in China. Taylor's photograph was taken when the work was in the Foster Goldstrom Collection. It is offered here in print form.

John Bigelow Taylor is one of the world's foremost photographers of art. He has been interested in Tibet and its Buddhist culture ever since his first travels to Asia in the 1970s. His opportunities grew over time to include extensive travel with, and photographing of, the Dalai Lama. In 1979 he began to photograph art objects, antiquities, and architecture. Mr. Taylor’s work has been reproduced in more than 25 books of photography published by Abrams, one of the foremost art and photography book publishers.

Learn more about this wonderful artist at: www.johnbigelowtaylor.com

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