"Sureshana King of Shambhala" print


For a number of issues of Buddhadharma, I had been wanting to display a traditional representation of the Shambhala tradition on the cover. So, I typed in “Kings of Shambhala” at www.himalayanart.org, and when this image of Sureshana popped up, I was delighted. It’s such an appealing thangka. The colors are bold, the thangka is very well preserved, and the image is graphic. It beautifully depicts the bravery and majesty of the warrior tradition of Shambhala and shows it within the context of the dharma. –Seth Levinson

Sureshana is the 7th King of Shambhala, here depicted holding a sword that cuts the root of ignorance (symbol of Manjushri) and a shield, which symbolizes the principle of protection. The original thangka is 13” by 8” and was painted in the 18th century. It is offered here in print form.

The Rubin Museum of Art in New York is home to a comprehensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and textiles from the Himalayas and surrounding regions. Although works of art range in time over two millennia, most reflect major periods and schools of Himalayan art from the 12th century onward. The Rubin opened in 2004 and is the first museum in the Western world dedicated to exploring the art of this region.

Learn more about the wonderful work of the Rubin Museum at: www.rmanyc.org

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