Under the Surface Energy Lines – Alison Eddy


Under the Surface Energy Lines presents an image that pushes beyond portraiture and photography to offer a visualization of the energy that connects us all. The image offers a strong and modern presence with its bold digital reworking of a monotone photograph. In contrast to the simplicity of the photo, the clean vibrant lines bring form to the concealed, searing through notions of ‘the individual’ and making the hidden visible.

Interested in the things that transcend our individual differences, by exaggerating the similarities between us and our connection to a vastness much bigger than us, Alison Eddy’s art prompts a compassionate response to each other in us. In contemplating the ‘under the surface energy lines’ of a human face she poses questions around what it is to be human, and what it means to be connected.

Alison Eddy’s practice often celebrates natural form and philosophical thought and is inspired by her inquiry into Buddhism. Her art pushes the boundaries of digital and commercial techniques and reclaims them to allow long-held belief systems to resonate in the modern world. 

To learn more about this artist visit: www.designandpurpose.com

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