Wrist Malas: Sodalite & Hematite

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The beads in these malas are individually selected, their look and feel testament to the care that the designer and makers put into their creation. We invite you to try to imagine their feel, weight, and, for the sandalwood, scent. 

The wrist malas are produced by longtime practitioner Jamie Reinhardt, someone well-versed in the purpose and use of traditional malas and wishing to provide them in wearable form. As he says, making them “has been a great way to integrate the contemplative practices that I value so much, into my life, bringing together creative expression and livelihood. It's my pleasure to design and sell these beautiful items which inspire others in their practice.”

Bead options include:

  • Matte Sodalite
  • Rose Gold Hematite

Details: 21 beads with single guru bead on durable, elastic cord.

Prices are in US dollars. Taxes included

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