January 2005 - All We Need is Love


All We Need Is Love 

Martin Luther King, Jr. and his message of love and courage 


The King We Need: Teachings for a Nation in Search of Itself: A look at Martin luther King, Jr., why his teachings are important to all Americans today, and a look at spiritual and political thinkers who influenced King. 

Surrendered to Love: King's Legacy: Bell Hooks on why King's vision of life based on a love ethic is the philosophy that could heal our world today. 

Restoring the Virtue of Civility: A panel discussion on bringing depth, respectfulness and integrity back to our national discourse. 

Now That I Am Old and have the Words for It: Maxine Hong Kingston 

The Future of Ice: Gretel Ehrlich 

Inside the Issue: 

Thoughts from a Catholic Hermitage: Pico Iyer 

I am Safe: Sylvia Boorstein 

What's So Special about Sex? Brad Warner

Boat Full of Moonlight: poem by Dogen Zenji 

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