We hope you enjoy our offerings. We see the store as a service, an extension of what we offer as a publisher and a way to support your meditation practice. We are delighted to work with independent makers and to bring their products to you. Your purchase helps us fulfill our mission to benefit people’s lives.

How we choose the products

Our collections are based on the feeling that dharma art and Buddhist-inspired objects touch us and that their richness and beauty are important. We look for products that:

  • reflect and support a contemplative practice
  • posses the ability to be inspirational, transformative, and enriching
  • embody wakefulness and integrity
  • respect and include all Buddhist traditions and lineages
About the fine art prints.

We invite you to be inspired by one of the many images from among our curated collection of fine art prints, chosen from the work of artists and collections appearing in the pages of Lion’s Roar and Buddhadharma, and beyond.

The prints are produced by Image House Digital using a large-format digital camera and specially-developed lighting to capture all the nuances of the original; the digital file is inspected and fine-tuned to ensure complete accuracy. High-resolution ink jet printers using water-based pigment inks print onto 100% cotton rag acid-free watercolour paper. The result? A fine art print that will never fade, degrade, or yellow, maintaining its integrity for generations to come.

As well, the paper is sheet-fed into the printer and shipped to the buyer flat-packed. This means the printing (ink and paper) is never subject to rolling or stretching, the best way to ensure the highest quality print. 

About the sizing of the prints.

All print sizes are based on the North American paper system. Image House starts with a 17”x 22” sheet and subdivides from there to get the smaller 11”x17”, 8.5”x11”, and 5.5”x8.5” formats. Images are positioned on the sheet in such a way as to provide the maximum number of display options and provides for the ability to trim where desired. Whether framed or unframed, matted or unmatted, your preferred method of display is optimally-served.

A caption appears at the bottom of each print that lists title, provenance, and copyright. The caption is positioned in such as way as to allow for removal and placement on the back of a framed print should the owner so desire or be concealed by the matt if left intact.