March 2017 — Lion's Roar


    How Your Mind Works

    Buddhist Psychology Breaks it Down


    How Your Mind Works: Buddhist Psychology Breaks it Down: What is this thing we can the self? We assemble it ourselves, according to Buddhist psychology. Gaylon Ferguson breaks down the five-step process of ego development.

    The Art of Living: Six Buddhist therapists offer practical advice for overcoming obstacles and enhancing your life.

    Buy Less, Live More: The Promise of Buddhist Economics: Economist Clair Brown

    Happy Together: How economics can bring out the best in people, not just the most self-centered and shortsighted.

    You’re Basically Good: The Benefits of Contemplative Psychotherapy: Karen Kissel Wegela on therapy that starts with your basic sanity, not your neuroses.

    The Wisdom of Anger: If you know how to use it, says Melvin McLeod, the energy of anger becomes fierce and compassionate wisdom. Because even the buddhas get angry about suffering and injustice.

    How A Hollywood Mogul Found Happiness

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