Buddhadharma - The Practitioner's Quarterly - Spring 2016


What is Enlightenment?

Teachers from Zen, Theravada, Vajrayana, and Pure Land explore Buddhism's different perspectives on awakening


Forum: What is Enlightenment?: Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, Ayya Tathaaloka, Setsuan Gaelyn Godwin, and David Matsumoto explore their traditions’ different perspectives on awakening. Introduction by Josh Bartok.

The Promise of Nibbana: Final liberation is marked by the end of craving and, ultimately, all suffering. What does that look like and how is it achieved? The late Burmese meditation master Mahasi Sayadaw explains.

Meditation Only Goes So Far: Lama Willa Miller

We’re Always Meeting Buddha: When we perform a ritual like offering incense or bowing before an altar, it may seem one-sided. But if we’re receptive, says Kokyo Henkel, we find that our actions are always met with a response.

The Changing Face of Compassion: Kay Larson

Touching What’s Inside: Edward Espe Brown

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