Buddhadharma - The Practitioner's Quarterly - Spring 2017


Buddhist Ethics In The 21st Century

The relevance, social context, and blind spots in our practice of sila today


Buddhist Ethics in the 21st Century. Introduction by Koun Franz.

How Can No-Self Be Reborn?: Ajahn Buddhadasa challenged the Buddhist establishment with his unconventional interpretation of dependent co-arising. As his student Santikaro explains, he called into question the very notion of rebirth.

The Choice is Yours: Ajahn Buddhadasa 

Going Beyond Buddha: Tiagen Dan Leighton

There is No Author: When Judy Roitman learned her favourite dharma text was actually a patchwork of phrases and poems lifted from other sources, she started looking into the authorship of Buddhist texts.

    The Path of Solidarity: Doshin Nathan Woods

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