July 2018 – Lion’s Roar


The Real Reasons To Meditate

The July 2018 issue of Lion’s Roar magazine features Buddhist teachings on the real reasons to meditate. Inside, you’ll also find a profile of Oakland’s East Bay Meditation Center, the story of a childhood bully-turned-Buddhist, Roshi Joan Halifax on the five “edge states,” and more.


Buddhist meditation is about more than just improving your life (although it does that too). It goes to the heart of who you are, the way you live, and how you see reality.

Unconditional Happiness – Thanissaro Bhikkhu
It Changes Everything – Norman Fischer
Confusion Becomes Wisdom – Judy Lief
You’re Caught in a Dream. Wake Up! – Pema Khandro
End the Cycle of Death and Rebirth – Bhikkhu Bodhi
Liberation for All – Rev. angel Kyodo williams
Just Get Lost – John Tarrant
Transform Your Heart and Mind – Thupten Jinpa
You’ve Had Enlightenment Experiences – Melissa Myozen Blacker
Sacred and Perfect – Gaylon Ferguson
Don’t Flinch – Koun Franz
The One Teaching of All the Buddhas –  Jan Willis

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