November 2016 — Lion's Roar


    Hope & Healing

    Buddhist wisdom for a troubled time


    How Not to Freak Out: Buddhist teacher Judy Lief has some meditations to work with your fear and despair over the state of the world.

    We the People: Nine Buddhist teachers and writers offer their thoughts on how to be a good citizen in these troubled political times.

    The Man Who Told the Future: Pico Iyer

    How to Welcome the End of the World: Zen teacher John Tarrant offers 10 Zen pointers on the practice of welcoming, which transforms even the most difficult and uncertain times.

    Love Everyone: A Guide for Spiritual Activists: Sharon Salzberg and Rev. angel Kyodo williams on how we can bring the two worlds together to build a more just and compassionate society.

    Good or Bad?: Sakyong Mipham

    Changing the World - One Life at a Time: Lindsay Kyte

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