March 2016 —Premiere Issue, Lion's Roar


    The New Face of Buddhism

    “The proclamation of the dharma,” the Buddha said, “is as fearless as a lion’s roar.” We asked the 14 teachers on our cover: What is the most important truth to proclaim in today’s troubled world? Hear them roar!


    Living the Lion’s Roar: Chögyam Trungpa says, the fearless proclamation of the truth cuts through your ego. Are you ready to hear it?

    Child of Nature: William Powers 

    Free as a Bird in the Sky: Mingyur Rinpoche

    How to Recognize Your Natural Awareness: Mingyur Rinpoche 

    Put Your Compassion into Action: Peter Singer and Julia Wise talk with Buddhist monk and author Matthieu Ricard about the benefits of altruism.

    How Sharon Salzberg Found Real Happiness: Her difficult life journey, and establishing loving-kindness as a key practice in American Buddhism.


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