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Product Image March 2016 —Premiere Issue, Lion's Roar

March 2016 —Premiere Issue, Lion's Roar


    The New Face of Buddhism

    “The proclamation of the dharma,” the Buddha said, “is as fearless as a lion’s roar.” We asked the 14 teachers on our cover: What is the most important truth to proclaim in today’s troubled world? Hear them roar!


    Living the Lion’s Roar: Chogyam Trunga says, the fearless proclamation of the truth cuts through your ego. Are you ready to hear it?

    Child of Nature: William Powers 

    Free as a Bird in the Sky: Mingyur Rinpoche

    How to Recognize Your Natural Awareness: Mingyur Rinpoche 

    Put Your Compassion into Action: Peter Singer and Julia Wise talk with Buddhist monk and author Matthieu Ricard about the benefits of altruism.

    How Sharon Salzberg Found Real Happiness: Her difficult life journey, and establishing loving-kindness as a key practice in American Buddhism.

    Inside the Issue: 

    From Where I Sit: A Buddhist Cop’s Answer to the Policing Crisis: Cheri Maples

    Bodhisattvas: No Cog in Someone Else’s Wheel: Jamie Zimmerman

    Q&A: Zen with Lightsabers: Matthew Bortolin

    Heart & Mind: How to Have a (More) Buddhist Wedding: James Ishmael Ford

    This Dharma Life: The Long Path to Peace: Shiri Barr, Stephen Fulder, and Aviv Tatarsky

    How to Practice: Zen Koans: John Tarrant

    Beginner’s Mind:
    The Eightfold Path
    Dharma FAQs

    Meet a Teacher: Judy Lief


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