Buddhadharma - The Practitioner's Quarterly - Fall 2015


How Tantra Works

Tantra may seem strange to the uninitiated, but it offers a direct path to enlightenment. Four teachers take us inside the world of Vajrayana Buddhism.


When Illness is Our Path: Meditation can help us deal with illness when it strikes, says Norman Fisher. 

The Doors of Concentration: Entering the jhanas is not easy - the harder you try, the more difficult it is. Instead, as Leigh Brasington explains, you have to let them open up to you. 

The Rise of Militant Monks: Michael Jerryson 

The Path to Where You Are: The path to awakening can seem long and arduous, and sometimes you may feel you've lost your way. But the destination, says Guo Gu, is always just beneath your feet. 

A Sudden Goodbye: Sallie Jiko Tisdale 

A Better Self or No Self?: Rodney Smith 

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