Buddhadharma - The Practitioner's Quarterly - Summer 2015


Form vs Essence

Many practitioners feel a tension between the essence of Buddhism and its rituals. But the fact is they're inseparable.


Form vs Essence- Five Buddhist teachers explore the tension many of us feel between ritual and the essence of the dharma.

Don't Strip it All Away- Gesshin Greenwood moved to Japan, shaved her head, and adopted the forms of a Zen nun. Now, five years later, she's wondering where she - and the tradition - would be without them. 

Wake Up from the Dream of a Lifetime: Andrew Holecek 

Forum: Koans: How We Work with Them and How They Work on Us: Joan Sutherland, Judy Roitman, and Bodhin Kjolhede examine the practice of koan interpretations, and how the way we engage with koans is changing. 

The Spirit of Practice: Ajahn Munindo

Ruth's Uncompromising Way: Nina Wise

Look Beyond the Lens: Kodo Sawaki Roshi 

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