"Buddha Meditating" – SiriKartar


SiriKartar' s paintings reflect a broad range of the styles she's been exposed to over the course of her painting career. Some are the result of the influence of the Indian painting style of the Moghul and Rajput miniatures. This image of "Buddha Meditating" appeared in the November 2020 issue of Lion's Roar

Ms. SiriKartar was born in Rome, Italy. She remembers her childhood days filled with singing, dreaming, but most of all of drawing and painting. "At the age of six, I wanted to have my own art studio. In our apartment in Rome, my mother cleared out a tiny closet and in it arranged a table and a chair to support my creative urge. This was my first Studiolo, where I would spend many quiet hours filled with colors and imagination." Ms. SiriKartar holds an M.A. in the Art History of India and Central Asia, her thesis was on the mudra of the archeological buddha; the mudra of Buddha in the art of Gandhara.

Visit Ms. SiriKartar's website at: https://www.sirikartargallery.com/

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