"Green Tara Head" – Mukti Singh Thapa


This enchanting painting by master artist Mukti Singh Thapa is of Green Tara, the Buddha of enlightened activity. Tara is the most important goddess in Buddhism and was born from Chenrezig Avalokitesvara's tears of compassion. Green Tara protects practitioners from the eight fears. This piece displays Thapa's mastery of the 13th - 16th century Newar Design style through its rich color palette, precise lines, and use of traditional iconography while clearly expressing his artistic freedom and creativity.

This original thangka, or paubha in Nepal, is painted in the traditional manner with ground mineral pigments on primed cotton canvas. The central figure is painted with striking green malachite and the gold ornaments, such as the crown and jewelry, are painted painstakingly with 24 carat gold. A painting of this smaller size will take a couple months to compose, sketch and complete.

Learn more about this artist at: MahakalaFineArts.com

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