Green Tara the Bodhisattva of Compassion in Action B – Laura Santi


Green Tara glows with the energy of new spring green grass, potent with the awaking and growth of that season. She is exquisitely beautiful, radiant and ethereal because she is no ordinary being. She is a Bodhisattva, one who has dedicated themselves to helping others. She appears to us as a young woman, at that time of life where anything feels possible and there is so much to do to make it so. She wears jewels and silk garments, as she is a princess in the pantheon of beings that come to us to help. She spontaneously gives aid and protection to all, her compassion available to anyone, in an instant, no matter if they are a thief, a woman giving birth or a factory worker—she knows that personality is just the outer shell that holds the purity of our own true Self within.

She holds two blue lotuses that represent her purity and power. Her right-hand rests on her knee, open in the mudra of supreme giving. Her left hand, poised in front of her heart, forms the mudra of protection and fearlessness.

Laura Santi began her working life as a graphic designer in 1981 before the time of computers, when art was done by hand. She moved into the Movement Center Ashram which teaches tantric practice, following two lineages received through Sri Saraswati Swami Chetanananda and Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche. Switching careers, she practiced acupuncture for 23 years, incorporating the silent version of Chöd in her practice. She returned to the arts in 2001, and now writes, and paints Buddhist and Hindu deities.

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