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Product Image January 2017 — Lion's Roar

January 2017 — Lion's Roar


    The Path of Enlightened Intentions


    One Simple Practice That Changes Everything: Sylvia Boorstein 
    Practice: What Are My Intentions for Today?

    Intention is the Practice: Norman Fisher
    Practice: Four Reflections That Will Strengthen Your Intention to Meditate 

    Today Will Be A Day of Love and Joy: Thupten Jinpa
    Practice: Setting Your Intentions at the Beginning of the Day
    Practice: Making a Dedication at the End of the Day

    Against the Stream: The Revolutionary Dharma of Noah Levine

    Krista Tippett: Voice of America’s Spiritual Journey

    Best Practices for Bodhisattvas: Zen teacher Josh Bartok translates traditional Buddhist vows into values we can all relate to.

    Have a very Buddhist Christmas: Joy, giving, family, and peace - people of all faiths can celebrate these values of the holiday season. Eight Buddhists offer their take on yuletide dharma.

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