July 2016 —Lion's Roar


Freedom from Difficult Emotions

How Buddhist practice can help you discover their wisdom—and free you from their pain


You Can’t Get Rid of Your Anger - and That’s Okay: Dharma Punx teacher Josh Korda teaches how to live with your emotions skillfully so you don’t harm yourself or others.

How Do I Put My Mind to Rest?: The only real answer, says Zen teacher Karen Maezen Miller, is to cut off your conflicting emotions at their root.

The Truth Teller: Rebecca Solnit

Answering the Call to Awaken: Spring Washam 

Dharma 24/7: Koun Franz 

The 4 Noble Truths of Emotional Suffering: Once we understand the cause of our emotional suffering, says Anyen Rinpoche, the path to freedom becomes clear.


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