Tara in Kona – Faith Stone


22x28 inches

White Tara has seven eyes; two on her feet, two on her palms, and two on her face plus her third eye in the center of her forehead. This gives her great ability to see and be aware of those in need. She is the female Buddha and is invoked for long-life and to cultivate loving-kindness. Tara is said to have been born from Chenrezig tears. Chenrezig having made a commitment to remain until all sentient beings attained enlightenment was discouraged to see how many beings were still trapped in the cycle of samsara. 

Faith Stone approaches carving and painting Buddhas and Bodhisattvas as a meditative sadhana. The idea is that the artist creates an environment for the deity to move in. The artwork no longer belongs to the artist, it belongs to the deity. Practicing sadhana with sacred art is incredibly helpful for the aspirant. 

Medium: mokuhanga woodblock, hand-rubbed onto Japanese Kozo paper using a bamboo baren, original hand-painted woodblock. Not a digital reproduction. 

Titled, numbered and signed by the artist.

For more information about this artist, please visit: http://faithstoneart.com

Prices in US dollars.

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